Academic Presentations

  • Upcoming: “Defending Gestational Surrogacy on Feminist Christian Grounds”

Society of Christian Ethics, Portland, OR, Jan. 5-7


  • Upcoming: “A Feminist Theological Account of Cross-Species Friendship and Conversion in a Bicultural Context”

Animals and Religion Group, American Academy of Religion, Boston, MA, Nov. 18-21


  • “Revisiting Robert Bellah’s ‘American Civil Religion’ After 50 Years: A Roundtable Discussion”

American Political Science Association, Religion & Politics, San Francisco, CA, Aug 3-Sep 3


  • “The Life Witness of Yuri Kochiyama: Three Lessons for Asian American Christians”

 Asian American Theology: Promise and Challenge, Princeton Theological Seminary, April 5


  • “Yuri Kochiyama: Global Citizen, American Dissident,”

Religion, Citizenship, and Globalization Workshop, Center for the Study of Religion and Conflict, Arizona State University, March 16-17



  • “What Can We Learn From Asian American Christian Ethics?”

Panel co-organizer and respondent, Society of Christian Ethics (SCE), Toronto, Canada, Jan 8-10


  • “Asian American Christian Ethics: An Introduction and Critical Assessment”                   

Panel organizer and respondent, American Academy of Religion, (AAR), Asian North American Religions, Cultures, and Society (Atlanta, GA), Nov 21-24


  • “Rethinking Reparations to Chinese North Americans:A Comparative Analysis Between the U.S. and Canadian Cases” (with Justin H.K. Tse)

Society of Race, Ethnicity and Religion (Iliff School of Theology, Denver), April 17-19


  • “Rethinking the Goals of PANAAWTM Today”

Respondent, Pacific, Asian & North American Asian Women in Theology and Ministry (Evanston, IL), March 12-14


  • “Reexamining Recent Male Circumcision Controversies Through the Lens of Modern Christian Debates on Infant Baptism”

Invited participant, Symposium on Theo-Politics? Conversing with Barth in Western and Asian Contexts (Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Germany), Oct 16-19


  • Public Theology, Taipei: Barth, Democracy, and the Church in Taiwanese Public Life:  A Response”

Symposium on Theo-Politics? Conversing with Barth in Western and Asian Contexts, Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Germany, Mar 13-16


  • “The SCE 2020 Future of Ethics Committee: A Conversation”                                        
            Panelist, Society of Christian Ethics (SCE) (Seattle, WA), Jan 9-12     


  • “Asian Cultural Traditions and Christian Ethics: Problems and Prospects””                                                

                  Respondent, Society of Christian Ethics (SCE)Asian/Asian American Working Group (Seattle, WA), Jan 9-12


  • “Retrieving the Theological Traditions: A Response”                                          Public speaking            

                  Invited respondent, Society of Christian Ethics (SCE), Emerging Scholars Panel (Seattle, WA), Jan 9-12



  • “Religion, Democracy, and Human Rights: Assessing Contemporary Male Circumcision Controversies”

Invited participant, Symposium on Theo-Politics? Conversing with Barth in Western and Asian Contexts (Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Germany), Jun 6-9


  • “Remembering the Past, Envisioning the Future of PANAAWTM”

Invited panelist, Pacific Asian, and North American Asian Women in Theology & Ministry (PANAAWTM), (Evanston, IL), Mar 14-17



  • “Asian North American ‘Conservative’ Christian Communities, Masculinities, and Gender Issues”

Invited respondent, American Academy of Religion, Asian North American Religion, Culture, and Society Group (Chicago, IL), Nov 17-20


  • “Asian Americans and Contested Food: Shark Fin, Dogmeat, & Milk” for the panel “Thinking about Animals, Activism and Religion from the (Human) Margins: Race, Colonialism, and Cultural Imperialism”

Organizer & Panelist, American Academy of Religion, Animals and Religion Group (Chicago, IL), Nov 17-20


  • “Grounding Human Rights in a Pluralist World”

Society of Christian Ethics, Breakfast-with-an-author (Washington, D.C.), Jan 4-8


  • “Recent Developments in Asian and Asian American Ethics”

Invited panelist, Society of Christian Ethics, Asian and Asian American Working Group (Washington, D.C.), Jan 4-8



  • “Thinking Animals and Religion, Rethinking Ethics”

Invited respondent, American Academy of Religion, Animals and Religion Group (San Francisco, CA), Nov 19-22


Invited panelist, American Academy of Religion, Wildcard session (San Francisco, CA), Nov 19-22


  • “Don’t Ask, Don’t Pray: The Ethical Challenges of Chaplain-Led Prayer in Military Command Settings”

Inaugural Lecture, Claremont School of Theology, Feb 24

Inaugural lecture_receiving flowers

 Asian Pacific Islander/American Association students present Grace Kao with flowers on the occasion of her CST Inaugural Lecture 

  • “Asian American Christian Ethical Reflections on the Korean First Birthday Celebration”

Invited paper, Third Wave of Comparative Religious Ethics workshop, Indiana University, Oct 8-10


  •  “A Response to David Loy’s ‘Healing Ecology’”

Invited panelist, American Academy of Religion, Comparative Religious Ethics and Buddhist Critical-Constructive Reflection Groups (Atlanta, GA), Oct 31-Nov 1


  • “Prospects for Developing an Asian American Christian Ethic: A Proposal”

Panelist, Society of Christian Ethics, Asian and Asian American Working Group (San Jose, CA), Jan 8-10



  •   “From Human Rights to Animal Rights? Assessing the Implications”

Invited panelist, Conference on Religion, Ethics, and Peace: Honoring the Career of David Little, Harvard University,  Nov 13-14

speaking at Harvard

Dr. Grace Kao was one of two former students of David Little’s from Harvard who spoke at a conference in honor of his retirement. She was 32 weeks pregnant at the time.

  • “Ecofeminist Ethics in Cross-Cultural Perspective”

ASPECT Symposium on Gender, Religion, and Identity in Social Theory, Virginia Tech, Apr 3


  • “Manifestos, Jeremiads, and Civil Religion in the Wake of the Virginia Tech Shootings”

Invited lecture, George Washington University (Washington, D.C.), Feb 25


  • “The Search for Religious Meaning in the Shootings at Virginia Tech”

Invited lecture, Claremont School of Theology (Claremont, CA), Feb 12


  • “Bridging the Church and Academy Divide”

Invited panelist, Society of Christian Ethics, Preconference workshop (Chicago, IL), Jan 8-11



  •  “Mission Impossible: ‘Nonsectarian’ Prayer in the Military Chaplaincy”

Solo paper presenter, Society of Christian Ethics (Atlanta, GA), Jan 4-6


  • “The Ethics of Citation and Some Proposals for Change”

Invited plenary panelist, Society of Christian Ethics (Atlanta, GA), Jan 4-6


  • “Proselytization Revisited: Rights-Talk, Free Markets, and Culture Wars”

Invited panelist (in absentia), American Academy of Religion, Comparative Studies in Religion Section (San Diego, CA), Nov 17-20


  • “Ecofeminist Ethics: Comparison, Ecumenicism and Attending to Difference”

Invited panelist, Society of Christian Ethics, Comparative Religious Ethics interest group (Dallas, TX), Jan 4-7



  • “‘One Nation Under God’ Or Taking the Lord’s Name in Vain?”

Solo paper presenter, Society of Christian Ethics (Phoenix, AZ), Feb 6

  • “Christian Reflections on the Pledge of Allegiance”

Invited lecture, Citizen Scholars and Ethics Series, Shenandoah University, Feb 6



  • “The Pledge of Allegiance and the Limits of Civil Religion”

Co-authored & co-presented with Jerome Copulsky, American Academy of Religion, Law, Religion, and Culture Group (Philadelphia, PA), Nov 19-22


  • “Consistency in Ecofeminist Ethics”

Virtual presentation, International Conference on New Directions in the Humanities (Cambridge, U.K.), Aug 2-5


  • “Feminist (In)Consistency in the Treatment of Bodies: Fetal, Female, and Non-Human Animal”

AAR-Southeastern Region, Religion, Ethics, & Society (Winston-Salem, NC), Mar 11-13


  • “The Logic of Anti-Proselytization, Revisited”

Invited paper, World Congress of the International Association for the History of Religions (Tokyo, Japan), Mar 24-30



  • “Evaluating Consensus-based Approaches to Human Rights”

Symposium on Religion and Politics, Paul B. Henry Institute, Calvin College (Grand Rapids, MI), Apr 29-May 1



  • “Religion and Human Rights: Three Category Mistakes to Avoid”

American Academy of Religion, Law, Religion, and Culture Consultation (Atlanta, GA), Nov 22-25


  • “Religion, Group Rights, and Multicultural Accommodation”

Invited lecture, Haverford College (Haverford, PA), Feb 19


  • “Contemporary Challenges in Human Rights Theory”

Invited lecture, Virginia Tech (Blacksburg, VA),  Feb 12

From PhD Comics, originally published 1/21/2013

Originally published at PhD Comics on 1/21/2013

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Did you know? Many of these scholarly papers became the basis of Grace Y. Kao’s published articles and chapters.