Any advice about the academic job market?

It has never been easy for scholars of religion (or the humanities more broadly) to find good work in academe and now is no exception. For job announcements in religion, theology, and related fields, consult the “Employment Listings” of the American Academy of Religion and the “Jobs” section of the Chronicle of Higher Education.

Grace Kao will be adding some academic job market tips in the future. For now, she’d encourage you to consult the following resources for helpful advice.

(1) PhD Colloquium: once a month, doctoral students at Claremont School of Theology gather during the lunch hour to discuss grad school survival tips and ways to maximize one’s chances of landing a good job. All meetings take place in Haddon Conference Center from 11:45am-12:45pm.

The Professor is In

(2) The Professor Is In: Dr. Karen Kelsky gives wonderful advice (about interviewing, adjuncting, writing cover letters and c.v.’s, putting together teaching portfolios, and so forth) on her “Pearls of Wisdom” blog.


(3) The Chronicle of Higher Education: this is an all around excellent resource for academics. Among other things, you can search for jobs; post, read, and/or provide answers to questions in the forum, and learn things you might not have known you needed to know in the advice column.

Inside Higher Ed(4) Inside Higher Ed also runs a helpful column called “Career Advice.”


The reality is that job security in academe is increasingly more difficult to obtain, as colleges, universities, and seminaries continue their 30+ year decline in tenure-track hires and increase in their numbers of adjunct or contingent faculty. Keep yourself current about these trends by reading articles such as this one.

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