• “Celebrating Asian North American in Theological Education,” Old South Church (Boston, MA), November 17




  • “Pump the Brakes Before It’s Too Late: An Ethical, Theological Discussion of our Rampant Consumerist Culture,” The Colwell Endowed Lecture & Alumni/ae Reunion Brunch, Claremont School of Theology, Oct. 21, with Professor Joe Bowersox of Williamette University



  • I was the featured guest on Asian America: The Ken Fong Podcast, (we taped on September 29, 2017), http://asianamericapodcast.com/







  • “Theological Education in the 21st Century” (with Jeffrey Kuan), Taiwanese American Religious Study Association (TARSA), Feb 11



  • “Uncomfortable Conversations: Talking About Race,” 2015 Intervarsity Christian Fellowship West Coast Faculty Conference, Catalina Island, August 2-7




  • “Feminist Theology: Four Perspectives,” CST in LA, La Plaza United Methodist Church & Los Angeles United Methodist Museum of Social Justice; with Monica A. Coleman, Najeeba Syeed, Rosemary Radford Ruether

Feminist Theology: Four Perspectives




  • “Women and Violence in the Bible: Victims, Complicitors, and Aggressors,” Symposium: Violence Against Women, Feminist Agenda Network, Covenant Presbyterian Church, Los Angeles, CA, October 12, 2013


  •  “Eating Mercifully: Christian Responses to Factory Farming,”Eating Mercifully class co-sponsor with the Humane Society of the U.S., The Center for Jain Studies, and Seminarians for Social Justice at CST, Apr 23




  • “The Complexities of Asian American Christian Identity in the 21st Century,” Good Neighbors Church (n.b., the English language ministry of Covenant UMC), Pomona, CA, May 6


  • “A Christian Perspective on Patriotism,” keynote panelist, National Student Conference,”A More Perfect Union,” Claremont Lincoln University, Apr 19-21



  • Convener/Facilitator, “Feminist Theologies: Past, Present, and Future,” Featuring Karen Jo Torjesen, Rosemary Radford Ruether, Gina Messina-Dysert, Zayn Kassam, and Sheila Briggs, Feb 7





  • “Approaching Graduate School Strategically,” Nurturing the Next Generation of  Scholars Workshop, Fund for Theological Education (FTE) and Western Commission for the Study of Religion (Whittier, CA), Mar 26

AA Equipping Symposium_2






  • “Work-Life Policies & Strategies: My Experiences with the System,” panelist, Organization of Women Faculty, Virginia Tech, Oct 13


  • “Sorority Girl or College Feminist: Must One Choose?” Through Feminist Eyes series, VT Women’s Center and Women’s Studies, Sep 10


  • “Translating the Gospel Imperative, ‘Love Your Neighbor,’ Into Public Policy,” 15-week Adult Forum class, Blacksburg Presbyterian Church (PCUSA), Aug 24-Dec 14

  Virginia Tech: We Remember

  • “Interfaith Service for Prayer and Remembrance,” War Memorial Chapel; I was one of two invited speakers (with Pastor Alex Evans) for a closed, interfaith service for the families of those who were either killed or injured during the shootings on campus one year earlier, Apr 16



  • “Teaching about 9/11,” Teaching American History Grant, invited presentation (with Brian Britt) to 70+ Roanoke (VA) K-12 public school teachers of history, Sep 6



  • “The Connection Between Animal Welfare and Abortion & Why You Should Care,” keynote presentation, American Academy of University WomenVA/WVA State Convention (Winchester, VA), Apr 23



  • “Law and Conscience,” Cooper House (BPC Campus Ministry at VT), May 5
  • “A Frank Talk About Sex,” Cooper House (BPC Campus Ministry at VT), Jan 26


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From PhD comics, originally published 10/31/2012

Originally published at PhD comics on 10/31/2012