Dr. Kao takes her teaching seriously and has sought pedagogical and other professional development opportunities throughout her career. Here is a small sampling of those activities:


  • She has been part of an ongoing consultation (“Repro Scholars Convening”) since 2016 with the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice where she is learning, applying, and helping to promote the Reproductive Justice (RJ) framework.

  • She participated in a “Teaching and Pedagogy as Women of Color with Racialized Bodies” Wabash Center peer mentoring cluster grant meeting with two other faculty women of color (Linda Thomas and Grace Ji-Sun Kim) from Oct 13-15, 2017 in Chicago, IL.

Dr. Kao & members of her peer mentoring group attend McCormick’s Legacy of Leadership Award Gala featuring the Rev. Jeremiah Wright

  • She attended the Wabash Center for Teaching and Learning Colloquy for Mid-career Asian/Asian North American Religion and Theology Faculty over the course of two summers (Jul 2016, Jul 2017) in Claremont, CA.

2016 Wabash Colloquy Participants

Mainline retreat attendees discuss integrating science into core theology courses at Newagen Seaside Inn in Southport, Maine. AAAS/David Buller

  • She attended an Association of Theological Schools (ATS) Gathering for Racial/Ethnic Faculty in Mid-Career (March 5-6, 2015) as well as the Roundtable Seminary for Mid-Career Faculty (Mar 6-8, 2015) in Orlando, FL.


  • She received a Fisher teaching grant at Claremont School of Theology in 2012-2013 to enhance her teaching in her Animal Theology & Ethics course.


  • She took advantage of CST’s world-famous Center for Process Studies and audited two weeklong courses Jun 6-10, 2010: (1) Process Theology and Biblical Interpretation (with Jon L. Berquist) and Introduction to Process Theology (with Marjorie Hewitt Suchocki).





  • She participated in a University of Notre Dame-sponsored Erasmus Institute Summer Fellow program on “Justice” (led by Nicholas Wolterstorff) at the University of Portland in the Summer of 2004.